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Sara- Junior Natura; Beauty International and Ultimate Natural Beauty International Charity



Welcome Sara! Can you tell us a bit more about your title and how you prepared for it?


I'm one of the lucky ones, I actually have two international titles- junior natural beauty

international and ultimate natural beauty charity! 


I had 11 months to prepare for the finals but enjoyed every second! I travelled thousands of

miles all around the Uk promoting natural beauty and working hard. I made 103 public

appearances and raised £5659 for Giddos Gift and Abbies Army.


Together with my sister queen Olivia, we teamed up to organise our own events such as

charity pageants, carnival queen competitions, bag packs and online tombolas. Our charity

pageants were such a big hit with the locals that we ended up running four of them- miss

valentines beauty, miss spring beauty, miss autumn beauty and miss winter beauty. Most of

these girls who entered have now gone onto national level themselves!




Such an achievement, you should be so proud! How did it feel being called into the Top 2 and being named the winner?! Do you have any highlights of the week, apart from winning of course! 


When my name was called into the top two I cried. I could not believe itand more for me

as I was in the top two with my close friend amelia who lives in th e same area we started

pageantry together. I broke down when my name was called, honestly it was so

over whelming a real dream come true! I went out to the finals with an open mind of just

having fun and enjoying the week, winning was never in my head! I have a big thank you

to Mark Tooby for keeping me stocked up with tissues after my name was called!

The highlight of the week for me is hard as I really enjoyed it all. I

made friends for life and didn't stop having fun. One big thing was my prize package for

winning the ultimate charity title. I was given the prize of swimming with dolphins.

I honestly could not believe my luck as it was something I always wanted to do.

This experience was magical and something I will treasure forever.




Of course, you were the charity winner. Do you have any other charities you will be working with?



The charity I will be working with this year is Giddos Gift. These are a fairly local charity to me as they are only based in flint. They help provide teenages battling cancer with grants. I have met the trustees a few times and have to say they are so grateful for all the work us pageant queens do. They are always so supportive and friendly, so this year I plan to promote the charity as much as I can and raising those funds to help children battling the horrible disease of Cancer.













Finally, any advice for new queens looking to get started?


My  advice for future queens would be to go out there, work hard and enjoy every part of your title. I'm only 11 but my mum once told me “crowns are made of hard work and determination” I took this quote on board and now I have the title I worked so hard for.  Make friends, be kind and remember to be fully dressed, you need a smile


Interview by  - Hannah Golding -

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