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Nicole - Ultimate Natural Beauty International



Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I have been involved in the world of pageantry since 2006 and have represented

her county and country numerous times, holding titles such UK Carnival Queen

and Europe’s Perfect Ambassador. In 2017, I won my first international competition

and was crowned Ms Elite Global Earth International and I’m now the reigning

Ultimate Natural Beauty International, a title awarded to the highest scorer

from all divisions at the Natural Beauty International competition. 

Aside from this, I am known as a pageant choreographer and compere. 

Day to day, I am a Primary School Teacher, have just completed a Masters Degree

in Education and become a Specialist Leader in Education for maths.

Balancing pageants, a career and now a growing family, my husband, David and

I have recently welcomed our first child, Isaac to the world. 


Can you tell us a bit more about your title and how you prepared for it?

My title is Ultimate Natural Beauty International, which is a title award to the highest scorer from all divisions at the Natural Beauty International competition and I also won Ms Natural Beauty International Charity. Previous to this, I was Miss European Beauty and by winning this title I won a place at the Natural Beauty Internationals and the title of Ms Natural Beauty Internationals. To prepare for the internationals, I spent time using unique ideas to fundraise for Giddo’s Gift and Cuddle Buddies as well as trying to support my local community by attending local events. 



 How did it feel being named the winner?

I was completely overwhelmed! Competing pregnant was an unusual experience and although

I knew the system was supportive and accepted it, I still never thought the overall crown

would be in my reach. I’m honoured that the judges saw something in me and entrusted

me with the Ultimate Natural Beauty title. It goes to show that you should aways

believe in yourself and what hardworking and dedication can achieve,


Do you have any highlights form Natural Beauty International?

My highlight would be the experience as a whole. I loved getting to know all my sister queens and supporting their reign. I throughly enjoyed the events put on by our director such as photoshoots, afternoon tea and a canal cruise. There is a real family feel to Natural Beauty and that’s what makes it special. 


Any advice for someone who would like to enter Natural Beauty International?

My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure you are an active titleholder

throughout the year. You don’t have to make the most appearances or raise the

most for charity to take home the title. It is more about being consistent, doing

a little each month and showing dedication. Also, the chosen charity is Giddo’s

Gift so it is important to raise funds and awareness for them but don’t lose

yourself along the way. You can still support causes and run campaigns close

to your heart too.  Finally, be yourself and enjoy it - after all, that’s what pageantry

is meant to be about. 


Do you have any plans over the next year?

Aside from continuing to raise awareness for Giddo’s Gift through the UK t-shirt tour I am organising which sees the iconic blue Giddo’s Gift t-shirt head to every county in the UK, I am also continuing my fundraising for them. I have also donated almost 100 emergency hospital bags to the charity. I will also be launching a few of my own campaigns starting with ‘Pocket Buddies’. This project will focus on donating pocket-size soft toys to older children and teenagers (as Natural Beauty already supports 'Cuddle Buddies' which supports younger children), who receive regular hospital treatment or struggle with their mental health. These stress relievers would live in their pocket so no one would know they are there but give the adolescent something to squeeze to help them feel calmer and more relaxed. I have already begun crocheting some of these but  I am looking for an army to help me. I have chosen the shape of an octopus, as they are a symbol of 'hope' due to their ability to grow back damaged tentacles. Finally, Natural Beauty is somewhat unique because it accepts mums. Therefore, I would like to work with some of my sister queens who have children on a campaign celebrating mothers but this is still in its early stages so far. 




















A fun fact about you?

I am a self confessed adrenaline junkie. This has led me to have a few weird and wonderful jobs along the way including stilt walking, fire dancing and dancing with an angle grinder. However, it doesn’t stop there. Before embarking on a far more sensible career as a primary school teacher, I was an outdoor activity instructor teaching children how to surf, rock climb, abseil, mountain bike, kayak etc.

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