Linda- Ms Natural Beauty International 





Welcome Linda, can you tell us about being the first ever Ms winner?


My title is Ms Natural Beauty International . I prepared for internationals by travelling all

over England, Scotland and Wales by trains,planes, taxi and buses to attend appearances

representing the Natural Beauty System. I raised over £4850 for Abbie’s Army .  I raised the

money by holding Miss Summer Beauty, , Easter Bunny Beauty pageants in Wigan, running

photo competitions,  bag packing in Tesco’s and holding raffles and tombola stalls at events.


I was very proud to have my second crowning moment, as the first crowning moment

was being crowned Ms Natural Beauty United Kingdom which brought me to the finals.




Can you tell us your personal highlight of the internationals, as well as that winning feeling?


The highlight of the internationals was the full experiences of being in my first International pageant and making loads of experiences . I was in so much shock when they announced my name as the winner as well as winning side awards of Best in national wear ,Best in interview ,Most publicity ,Most charity in my age section and Best in evening wear .


What charity do you support?


I supported Abbie’s Army for the International but my aim now is to raise money

for Giddos gift for the 12 months of being a Natural Beauty International queen.



What are your plans for the rest of the year?


For the rest of the year, I have a lot of events planned to hold and attend to raise money and awareness of the charities and the Natural Beauty System, like bag packs my own charity pageant raffles and a charity motorbike ride as I don't like motorbikes so I'm going to ride on the back of one from my own town Wigan to Wales. 



Finally, what advice could you give to a new queen?


My advice for the new queens is to be yourself  have fun, be prepared for a lot of work to help the charity and the Natural Beauty system.
















Interview by - Hannah Golding -